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Wingsurfing / Wingfoiling

The most up and coming watersport in recent years that it is really taking off thanks to its simplicity; simple gear without lines or harnesses of any kind and no rigging to be done. This sport is attracting people from all types of backgrounds like we’ve never seen before and is making hydrofoiling accesible to all. Whether you’re a watersports newbie, expert or transitioning from Paddleboarding to windsports you’ll enjoy the learning experience with us and love the sport.

Here at Edge, our team have been wingsurfing from the beginning and are some of the most experienced coaches in the country. We are recognised by both the sport’s NGBs (BKSA & RYA) and our lessons follow the BKSA/RYA syllabus. See below for our lesson details.
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Wingsurfing Intro Lesson (RYA/BKSA) £115

The wingsurfing intro lesson is the ideal first wingsurfing lesson for most. Unless you have a reasonable amount of experience in another foiling discipline, this is the one for you. This session is a 2 hour group session (max 4 students) focused on the basics and will progress you from wing handling on land to riding along on a SUP using the wing to harness the power of the wind.

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Wingsurfing Foiling Lesson (RYA/BKSA) £160

This lesson is aimed at those who have previous wingsurfing experience and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have a good level of foiling experience in another watersport such as kiting, windsurfing, surf/sup foiling.
This session is a 2 hour intensive session (max 2 students) focused on transitioning from a regular board without hydrofoil to a foiling setup. During this session you will gain the necessary skills to experience your first glides under the wing!

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Wingsurfing Demo Day Autumn 2021 – 17th October 2021

Edge Watersports will be hosting a Wingsurfing Demo Day for  Autumn 2021 for you to test out all of the latest gear. We'll have wings from many of the top brands including F-One, Ensis, Foiling W0rld, Slingshot, & more as well as Foil's, inflatable and hard wingsurfing boards.

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BKSA Wingsurfing Instructor Course £225

This course is designed to introduce a safe and logical beginner session to wingsurfing. Starting on a non-foiling board and progressing onto a larger foiling board setup. The course will familiarise candidates with the scheme, Knowing the safety, stages of learning, equipment, ratios and location that tuition can occur in. And looking into the future for of this emerging sport and its disciplines.

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Guy Bridge - Winging it in Exmouth

Get inspired and see what’s really possible here in Exmouth. Check it out!

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