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WingSURFING Instructor Course

Wing foiling is the latest watersport to hit our shores and combines the amazing freedom of foiling with wind power, without masts, lines or ropes. For those without foiling experience, it all starts with WingSURFING (riding around using a non-foiling board utilising the power of the wind with a wing).

Course Summary

This course is designed as the first winging instructor qualification for those without other watersports qualifications (RYA/BKSA/BSUPA – if you already have one of the these qualifications you may be able to jump straight into the Wingfoiling conversion course). This course will introduce safe and logical teaching methodologies and outline a beginner session to wingsurfing. The course will familiarise candidates with the scheme, Knowing the safety, stages of learning, equipment, ratios and suitable teaching locations.


• Capable of riding a medium sized semi floatation board

• Good wing control and power generation

• Able to go across the wind in both directions

• Perform a consistent basic turn in both directions

What can you then teach?

Once endorsed as a WingSURFING Instructor you will be licensed to teach taster/ learn to WINGSURF sessions (subject to within a BKSA, RYA or BSUPA recognised school with the correct equipment and location. Ratio is limited to four students and two wings non foiling). You are not yet able to teaching WingFOILING disciplines. To do this you would also need to meet the pre-requisites and complete the WingFOILING Instructor Course.


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