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19th February 2019 :

Glam few days to get on the water – LW noon and SW winds stable around 15knots. Get off Exmouth Seafront from 11am onwards best for kitesurfing & windsurfing. Learning to kitesurf then this is the week- get in off  maer rocks bay from 9am most days. Shop closed today, back open Saturday 23rd Feb onwards  info@edgewatersports.com or phone : 07887882866

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Learn to Kitesurf in Exmouth

Based In Exmouth, East Devon, Edge Watersports has been teaching Kitesurfing since 2002 and has been responsible for making ‘Exmouth ‘ one of the go to kite surf destinations in the UK. Boosting multiple British, European & world Champions the family run watersports business at Edge is run & owned collectively by ’Team Bridge’. A world wide phenonenon, the family members can be seen training off Exmouth seafront & you will be probably be fortunate enough to have your lessons with one of them as well.
Prices are per person based on a Semi-Private lesson (2:1 Student/Instructor ratio), over a 3 hour learning period including briefing & de-briefing.

1 DAY DISCOVERY Entry Level £160

Includes entry on the land with a 2 hour powerkite lesson followed by a 3 hour water lesson. If you have not flown a kite much or a bit rusty then this gives you the skills on the land before heading onto the water to put the kite skills into practice. This is the day that 'Guy Martin / Graham Bell /Jodie Kidd have all been to Edge to embrace & gone away 'Wanting More!!! The water session includes kite set up, Body Dragging & generating power, one handed flying & deep water pack down. Most people follow this day with 3 or 4 water sessions (see below)

The discovery day includes a 2 hour intro to powerkite land based kite flying followed by lunch & a 3 hour intro to kitesurfing. Lessons are based on a 2:1 ratio & include all the equipment that you need for learning.

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These 3 hour sessions give you a chance to move through the British Kitesports 'Learn to Kitesurf scheme & includes water re-launch, Board Starts, riding along, Turning, Deep water practice, advanced Deepwater body Dragging and theory sessions to back up the knowledge on Tides, Weather, Site Assessment & Safety. The chance to progress at your own rate during our semi-private Teaching sessions with big wide boards & a huge range of the latest kites from NorthKiteboarding. Every person learns at a different rate & these sessions are designed to give you the practical skills needed to be an independent kitesurfer & have covered British Kitesports Level 2 parts 3 &4

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Pre- requirement: ride a surf board well & can turn a surf board in both directions

Lesson 1: How to carry foil, manourver in water, get off the beach, board start, recover foil, go along without getting up, Wipe out control

Lesson 2: Dolphin in the water, controlling the lift using front foot pressure, stance, feeling of flying

Lesson 3: Downwind, turning, controlling the power

Lesson 4: Going fast, Foiling Transitions

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1:1 COACHING SESSION Intermediate £240

From Toe side riding to learning your first Mobe, these sessions are based on a 3 hour learning Period with video analysis and the chance to really Break some barriers. Using the huge experience of the Edge Team, these structured sessions are arranged around the best wind/ tidal state to embrace the learning curve. Whatever the skill you want to learn then one of our experienced coaching team will make that next trick or skill possible.

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Seafront Step Up Sessions Entry Level £45

Kiters that have bought gear or new to the area and need to learn where/ why/ When. They are scheduled around the most suitable tides and are based on a minimum of 4 people. We run the session in the Maer Rocks Bay & progress to getting across the channel to Pole Sands. Travelling around and understanding wind/ tidal influences. Gaining valuable experience to take your kitesurfing onto the next stage & give you the confidence to ride off Exmouth Seafront

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EDGE YOUTH KITE ACADEMY Advanced, Intermediate

This is assisted by one of the members of Team Bridge. Starts Thursday 19th April & takes place every thursday at 1600hrs - for those that have got their own equipment, are regularly going kitesurfing & wish to learn a mix of skills including jumping, unhooked riding, twin tip racing, going fast up & downwind and for all young riders locally that want to start doing events. When the wind is not suitable we will be running fitness sessions, Introducing race technique, learning to use foil kites, Buggy etc. This session is FREE, sponsored by Edgewatersports to ensure the rapid & continued growth in the sport for all local youngsters. For 2018 we took 4 members of the Youth Academy to the Youth Olympic Qualification (YOG) in Morocco and China. Just 12 boys & 12 girls from the whole world age under 17 can qualify for the YOG in Argentina in October

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This Bronze course involves 2 hour teaching sessions over: 15/4 - 22/4/ - 06/05 - 13/05 2018.
Kitesurfing starts with learning to fly a kite well so many youngsters will often buy a small powerkite following this course then take to the water soon after.

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YOUTH SILVER – Water Entry Youth £230

This Silver Course involves 3 hour teaching sessions over: 29/04 -- 13/05 -- 20/05-- 27/05 2018. Intro to Inflatable kites practice body dragging, relaunch, safety, working buddie, board on feet, first rides.

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YOUTH GOLD Youth £230

The Gold Course involves 3 hour teaching sessions over: 02/06 -- 09/06/---16/06---23/06 2019 This is for the youngsters that have taken the course last year & are making decent rides in both directions. Skills taught will be Upwind work, riding with power, introducing deep water, board recovery, first jumps, introduce deep water - Includes all equipment & is scheduled around the best tides.

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Find out more information about our Youth Kitesurfing Academy.

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