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Edgewatersports Youth Academy (Kitesurfing & Wingsurfing)

Kitesurfing is an Olympic Sport for Paris 2024 & will be represented again for the Youth Olympic Games in 2022. Exmouth Represents in the British Sailing Team & we are proud to have had these kiters through the Edge Youth Training Scheme. Exmouth now has 6 Full squad members that have been selected for British Sailing Squad in 2020. These include: Rachel Hooper, Ben Daffin, Sandy Bailey and Angus Fellows. All have been through the Edge Youth Academy & we still have some of them helping & involved in the programme. In addition – Guy & Olly Bridge go into the new Olympic Cycle currently as Medal Winning potential.

Wingsurfing is the most up and coming watersport in recent years that it is really taking off thanks to its simplicity; simple gear without lines or harnesses of any kind and no rigging to be done. It is therefore a great watersport for Youths and we’re keen to get share the buzz of this new sport with our Youth Academy.

About Edge Youth Academy

The Edge Youth Scheme progresses youngsters from complete beginners right through to owning their own equipment and getting out independently. Working together, we build on communication, patience and understanding of the sport. The teamwork, commitment and energy that goes into this venture only strengthens the reward. And for us at Edge Watersports, seeing this process is a huge honour.

Watersports is what we do; we’ve been teaching youngsters in Exmouth for over 30 years. Regardless of age or experience, nothing beats the feeling of being on the water. But before we can get you in the water, ready and raring to take on the waves, it’s important to invest the time on land. Only once you’ve mastered the power a kite or wing can develop then you can take your new-found skills to the water.