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Winging improver coaching session

This is a freeride coaching session for everone winging with their own gear and looking to improve! Whether you’re needing tips to get up on foil faster and more reliably, switch your feet whilst foiling or make those gybes more reliably and with speed then we can help! There will be both group and inidividual coaching elements to the session so there will be plenty of oppurtunity to get great tips on any aspect of your riding.

What have people gained from this session in the past? getting up onto the foil efficiently, riding at speed with control, weight distribution and foil setup, switching feet, heel and toeside gybes & preparing to enter waves etc.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to provide your own winging equipment for this session.


What to bring
All appropriate Wingfoiling equipment & wetsuit etc suitable for the wind and conditions on the day.

Own your own wingfoiling equipment

Have got up and riding on foil at least a few times already.


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