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Wingsurfing Intro Lesson (RYA/BKSA)

The wingsurfing intro lesson is the ideal first wingsurfing lesson for most. Unless you have a reasonable amount of experience in another foiling discipline, this is the one for you. This session is a 2 hour group session (minimum 2, max 4 students) focused on the basics and will progress you from wing handling on land to riding along on a SUP using the wing to harness the power of the wind.


Here at Edge, our team have been wingsurfing from the beginning and are some of the most experienced coaches in the country. We are recognised by both the sport’s NGBs (BKSA & RYA) and our lessons follow the BKSA/RYA syllabus. See below for our lesson details.

  • Equipment overview and setup
  • Site assessment & suitable conditions
  • Wing handling on land
  • Developing power with the wing
  • Handling the wing and board and entering the water
  • Transition from in the water to onto the board
  • Riding on the board at various angles to the wind

Learning a new sport is one of the best things you can do, so why not bring a friend to enjoy this journey with!

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