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Wingsurfing Foiling Lesson

This lesson is aimed at those who have previous wingsurfing experience and are ready to progress on to the foil, or those who have a good level of foiling experience in another watersport such as kiting, windsurfing, surf/sup foiling.
This session is a 2 hour intensive session (max 2 students) focused on transitioning from a regular board without hydrofoil to a foiling setup. During this session you will gain the necessary skills to experience your first glides under the wing!


  • Foiling equipment overview and setup
  • Foiling safety considerations
  • Riding and controlling the board at various angles to the wind with the foil setup
  • Developing power and controlling board speed and foil lift
  • Transitioning up onto the foil
  • First glides!
  • Maintaining the glide and controlling board direction and speed now on the foil

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