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Sep 02, 2014
Light winds today from the East which makes it a stand up paddleboard day for Exmouth. High water at noon so paddle up the river and to get ready for the 20th September 'Exe Hammer' Paddle. North Devon Waves to be enjoyed the next few days also - nothing like celebrating September with a wave. Check the webcam www.edgewatersports.com Want a cheap sup ? check these out for £549 its the way to go for some summer fun. http://shop.edgewatersports.com/acatalog/info_1792.html Winter wetsuit sale on all winter wetsuits!!!  Shop is OPEN 9am -5pm Free 2014 TIDE TABLES to collect   Worth keeping update with our facebook page


current wind direction8.1 kts

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Learn to kitesurf with EdgeEdge has been another way to convert Steph & Eric's passion for the ocean and the means to enjoy it in an honest and sustainable business in Exmouth, based on top notch products and premium customer service. A talented team of passionate water enthusiasts including 2010 British Kitesurf Freestyle Champion – Ned Taylor. Helped out by mens European race & world youth Champion -Olly Bridge, the oldest of the 3 Bridge brothers.

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