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Learning to kitesurf takes a few lessons & everyone learns at different rates. These 2.5 hour practical sessions are designed to progress you to the next stage whether it is getting the board on your feet, riding along, staying upwind or nailing those turns. The chance to progress at your own rate during our semi-private Teaching sessions with beginner friendly boards & a huge range of the latest kites from Duotone Kiteboarding, Naish & North Kiteboarding. Equipment all included, these water lessons are designed to give you the practical skills needed to be an independent kitesurfer and cover British Kitesports Level 1 & 2. Please Phone the shop 01395 222551 or Book online.  Many people really want to move forward with the sport & get gear – Check some of our package deals now Here


All prices are per person and based on a semi-private lesson (2:1 student to instructor ratio).

Sessions are based on a 3 hour learning period including briefing and de-briefing.


Sessions include;

  • Water re-launch Techniques
  • Board starts & Gaining confidence
  • Riding along & turning
  • Deep water practice
  • Advanced deepwater body dragging
  • Theory sessions to back up the knowledge on Tides, Weather, Site Assessment & Safety
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