Daily report
16th June 2019 :

Its a getting windier kinda day as the warm front goes through so will the wind increase . S/SW & staying around 15knots building to 20knots and staying good all afternoon/ evening. LW 1300hrs, workable off Exmouth seafront for windsurfing & kitesurfing from 10am onwards. Evening session off Maer Rocks Bay (1900hrs HW) Learning to kitesurf then head to pole sands/ maer rocks bay however stay clear of the swimming area.  Small clip of learning with the youth academy HERE: Shop Open from 9.00am info@edgewatersports.com or phone : 07887882866

King of The Exe Here

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YOUTH SILVER – Water Entry Beginner, Youth

This Silver Course involves 3 hour practical teaching sessions over April, May & June 2019.

Prior to this session the youngsters must have at least a year flying small powerkites on the beach or have attended the Bronze course.

Please note: This course has been subsidised by the Exe Kiteboarding Association. It is not possible to roll sessions over or miss sessions. However due to the varied nature of the wind, Edge may postpone the timing of the sessions so we do ask you to be flexible.



Skills covered include:

  • Intro to Inflatable kites
  • Practice body dragging
  • Relaunch
  • Safety
  • Working buddie system
  • Board on feet
  • First rides & going along
  • How to slow down
  • Edge Control


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