Daily report
19th February 2019 :

Glam few days to get on the water – LW noon and SW winds stable around 15knots. Get off Exmouth Seafront from 11am onwards best for kitesurfing & windsurfing. Learning to kitesurf then this is the week- get in off  maer rocks bay from 9am most days. Shop closed today, back open Saturday 23rd Feb onwards  info@edgewatersports.com or phone : 07887882866

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YOUTH SILVER – Water Entry Youth

This Silver Course involves 3 hour practical teaching sessions over: 28/04 –5/05   12/05    19/05   2019.  Intro to Inflatable kites practice body dragging, relaunch, safety, working buddie system , board on feet, first rides & how to slow down!