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This lesson could change your life forever.  This 3 hour session includes a brief intoduction to basic land kiteflying, water relaunch, Safety system & Body Dragging. Following the BKSA scheme, you will come off the water wanting more.  If you want to have a go & limited on time then this is the session for you. For those that have not done any Kiteflying ever then we would recommend that you book a 2 Hour land powerkite lesson first


Lessons are based on a 2:1 ratio & include all the equipment that you need for learning.

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The discovery course is a great gift and gives a solid into tot he sport leaving everyone wanting more. Price  includes all the equipment & is a 3 hour water session with a brief into to land flying first. Its the session that we have taught to Jodie Kidd, Graham Bell & Mike Bushall amongst others over the years & most people follow this discovery with 3 or 4 water sessions.

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