Local LIVE conditions

It goes without saying that a week in the Cape Verde Islands in January is what every kiter needs. Returning to BoaVista feels like going home with the warm welcome on arrival of Strava,  a handful of sketchy looking 4 x 4 trucks & a shed load of kite kit. Combine this with a bunch of enthusiastic motivated kiters, 8 days of wind, waves and sense of adventure and we have the journey that is never short of a dull moment.
Ponta Antonia in the North of the island creates a safe learning environment for recapping skills & building confidence. Meanwhile, Ervatao in the south pumped some decent swell for wave riding & improving technique. A trip to Boa Vista is never complete without the pilgrimage to Shipwrecks – Santa Maria – a ser-real venue to kite with onshore waves similar to Saunton Sands & a landscape of sand dunes , sand & emptiness. Aground on the beach is the wreckage of Santa Maria which is slowly eroding in the harsh environment.
Our adventure involved a mix of these spots and on our journey we take in the volcanic landscape & natural beauty. Life is everywhere – the locusts are over-sized – the spiders living in the tree’s, the goats multiply daily, flying fish dance with us and now the arrival of Cows on the island. The local community work as a family, many with little food or water although daily life one of fulfilment. Paint has arrived on the island and now we witness reds, greens, blues bring increasing colour to the small villages.
An exhausted truck we make the journey through Joao Galego and Fundo de Figueiras to share a well earned beer & sit in the street lost in time. Absorbing the basic life. No pressure of time, internet, social media, traffic & supermarkets. This group has well & truly gelled- the truck banter explosive & daily taking the piss out of,mostly, Geoff. Many take time to appreciate the small things & appreciate that although the kitesurfing is very unique, as is this unspoilt basic island.
We stay to eat and are served more fresh tuna, wahhoo, goat cheese & vegetables. All in a basic kitchen with maybe 1 calor gas stove & little space. But its no fuss- served fast, ridiculous cheap & full of charm & character.
Mornings are a Pilates, run & swim routine , led by the legendary JC.  All that participated in the ritual truly gained from the experience. Body surfing a few of the dumping waves that chaves threw at its shores, it is certainly the best way to wake up & enjoy a well earnt breafast.
An Edge Safari to Boa Vista is never complete without a truck getting stuck in the sand or a mechanical fault and perhaps our cross country route returning from Varandinha was a shade ambitious. This most pristine beach, deserted on the NW side of the island is another most go to destination. We were greeted with a flock of Guinea fowl  and some incredible Eagle & prey spottings. This time was our first whale sightings off the coast of Sal Rei and to end the week we foiled around the island off Sal Rei with flying fish chasing us down the swells.
Reluctantly packing the kit to return to the UK knowing that the memories, friendships & lessons learnt are stronger. Life on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic will continue to thrive and as we head back to wifi, car parking fines, bills, work, routine of life we know that Strava will catch more fish, attack more waves & continue his simple BoaVistan life.
See you all for more next year and thankyou for making such a great fun week.