Local LIVE conditions

Levante wind just blows & it seems nothing wins its dominant force in the stratosphere.

The edge Van took the relaxed Santander Ferry to North Spain making the drive to Tarifa overnight. Diesel & food costing over 1/3rd less this week of training in the windy capital turned out real great.
Staying in Dave’s flat is ideal with breakfasts & evening dinners on the terrace overlooking a feather white sea. Decent temperatures & mainly just ‘Pro Riders’ on their way to PKRA France. My race board had its fair share of water time – on one time I went so far upwind by the time I went downwind the tide had gone out & exposed just rocks.

Our final day in waves & as we have said before- we just needed the dtand up’s to add to the flavour.
The bridglets tested the new North Vegas 2012 designed by Ralf Grosel & now they have 5 &6mtr added to their quiver- the colours are insane & got all the looks.
The Edge van now heads via Barcelona then into France for the European under 18’s Championships in 10 days. Cheap easyjet flights back & forth for next month will ease the baggage allowance!