Local LIVE conditions
Seasonal Duck Pond Watersports Restrictions

Its now the 1st of October and it looks like the wind may be returning after 3 weeks of dire wind if rather pleasant weather.  However this also is going to coincide with the return of the restricted area in the duckpond due to the arrival of many birds to that part of the estuary that feed on the eel grass.

The area that is affected is shown on the picture and is the hatched area to the east of the estuary.  It is shown that there is a series of yellow buoys marking the area these unfortunately have yet to appear but will do so in the next week or two.  The area is restricted to no kitesurfing and also no windsurfing etc .  If you click on the image it becomes clearer!


It seems like we are on the way to forging better relationships with the local council and we hope that the no powerkite signs will be coming down in the next few weeks.  It is therefore important that we can adhere to these rules for what is only 3 months till January and keep on the right side of the environmental lobby.

If you see someone in the wrong area try to let them know.