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RRD Freestyle Wave 95 2008


They just don’t seem to be able to make a duff board. I’ve sailed the FSW 85, 95, 100 and 110 and they are all amazing. The 95 is 240×60. So far I have sailed it with a 5.3 and I reckon it will handle up to a 6.5 and down to a 4.7, but I would probably be on a smaller board by the time the 4.7 comes out. For flat water blasting it is so comfortable, cruising over the chop with ease. In the waves it is great when the wind isn’t perhaps strong enough for a wave board; and superb if you are just getting into the waves. It keeps going on the slower waves that we tend to get in Exmouth rather than falling off the back of the wave. The only downside I can see – if you can call it a negative – is that the fin is quite big. It’s 29cm and has a lot of area so I reckon for smaller sails and, definitely for freestyle, you would want something smaller. Demo available.