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PKRA Mexico, Steph’s diary. Day 3

Having Landed at Cancun, Mexico on a direct 10 hour flight from Manchester it was straight into competition. Day 1 was all racing with light 14knots and plenty of foul current/chop to keep us on our toes.Sean Farley, north international team rider bought a new board from Australia for me and so I quickly put this together and headed out on the 14mtr rhino 08. I was smoking upwind, this was amazing.

The girls are starting 3 minutes behind the blokes so we cross the start line for the first race and this was it, I was on it, making great upwind progress and by the end of race 1 had beaten half of the blokes even starting 3 minutes earlier and was pretty close to the front of the fleet. The rest of the races I kept a good lead and came home with 3 x 1sts after day 1. Stoked, it was time for celebration with a ‘Starbucks’ on the way back to the apartment! It was time to party so we got on it into town. This is where I can just only describe the feeling of this place. Do you remember reading the ‘folk of the far away tree?’ Well imagine climbing the ‘enchanted wood’ and discovering a new land when you got there. This is was Mexico is like, you walk down 5th avenue and there is a mass of lands in each shop that you pass. As you know, i am no city girl but this place is just magical with shops and places to eat/drink that are so super cool. Beds and sofa’s laid outside in chilled out restauarnats on the corners of the avenues. Music fills the atmoshere and there is huge amounts of people spending good money everywhere. Food is whatever you want, and compared to the UK feels cheap.The parties and night clubs kick off at 2am so I think we shall save this for the last night! Our apartments are 5 minutes walk from the beach which is on the edge of 5th avenue. Opposite there is a Starbucks which is pretty handy for the morning Latte mission!

The 2nd day we have done some freestyle, I was not going to do this and bought no equipment but borrowed a board and went up against Angela Perral who beat me! the wind is onshore and 10/12mtr weather, super hot and a buzzing competition area. The best bit so far is just watching Aaron Hadlow. He is like no one else on the water, his style is so relax and he does it all with a hang over. Freestyle is still going on and then its 2 x races back to back. I made the classic school boy error and went to the wrond leeward mark on the first race. Really fed up with myself but went on to win the second race. The racing today was exhausting, the amount of energy it takes out of you, thank goodness every time you go back to the beach you get handed a red bull!The wind was stronger for the racing and favoured more downwind boards so the phantoms were doing well downwind. This new board is much more challenging to sail but goes so well upwind. Loads more practice needed to get more used to it. Back to apartment at 7pm, its been a long day. I was running on the beach at 06.30am this morning! the single elimination was won by Kevin Langeree, both him and aaron are amazing to watch. More wind tomorrow.