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PKRA Fuerta Steph’s Diary

Day4 Fuerta and its still blowing 35-40knots!The Freestyle have finished the singles with a win from Sebastian Garrat, 2nd Kevin and 3rd Aaron. The race scene was crazy, I was using guy’s 6mtr rebel, many were on 4 &5 mtr kites. I lost all 3 races yesterday to Fabienne who is going extremely quick in these short races that are mainly across/downwind. Competitors are unhappy about this and want the course changed to have proper upwind but I do not think this will happen since they want to keep it near to shore for spectators.I have given myself alot of work to do today to make a come back into this event.Jack has been on 1 mission since he arrive- to get it together with Gisela! Great success last night, we were all in bed way before Jack! On the Bridge boys front- Guy had an amazing powered session on the 3.5mtr Convert yesterday in 30knots- he was holding on and looking so in control. All 3 are being watched my Flexifoil and also Movistar, its just a shame it is soo windy since Tom has mainly been out on the 2 line 1.8 lizard proto foil kite! Ollie ripped last night on the 3.5 and is starting to get his head around these brutal conditions.Paignton Phil has been superb as caddy for many and has been making the drive from Flag beach daily to see the action.As always the beach scene is amazing, event well organised & Party’s in the massive tent kicking off at 2am! Day 5Only 2 races today and i got 2nd and 1st. I made a mistake on the buoy on the first race which cost me this race. If they run 3 races tomorrow(sat) and I win all 3 then I can win this regatta!! Lets just hope that they get a course with lots of upind in it.Big news on the relationship front- Jack and Gisela are an item!Held hands, kissed and more says Jack! 2 more days to go and I recon that Jack will be making his way out to Tarifa very soon.The 3 Bridge boys had epic kitesurfing on the lagoon today, the best bit was when Tom’s harness came off and he was trying to hold onto his 3.5mtr convert with no kite leash- not wanting to loose his kite to the ocean.tom fuertaguy 3.5mguy fuerta