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Ozone Frenzy 2011 Snowkite

The Bridge’s lastest trip has been out to Switzerland for some snowkiting. Snowkiting in mountain regions requires specific kites to deal with light fickle and gusty winds often found in the hills. Relaunching off snow also can be tricky with water kites so a big depowerable foil kite is the solution.This year we have a full Quiver of 2011 Ozone Frenzys and heres a quick review!

We have 13, 11, 9, 7 mtr Ozone Frenzy & this is the future for mountain snow kiting. We have been making huge trips up steep sections in gusty winds, no wind then crazy winds & this equipment is just where its at.  If you want to focus on a small area , like a flat spot with stable winds & not too strong then the water kites are fine for this. The relaunch of the ozone is insane, they are also so light so even when you get stuck in a valley with nothing moving the kite is still able to relaunch. Bag, bar & safety well improved on previous years. Now the next investment is skins & touring skis then we shall be fully self contained!

These kites double up as great landboarding and mountainboarding kites and we will have them available to try in the summer. We also hire the snowkites and of course sell them!! Prices start at £649 kite only with the ozone bar suitable for all sizes at £259