Local LIVE conditions
Its an Education- day3 Mexico

Racing got better for me winning the womans category & averaging 10th in the mens in the last couple of days. Starting well, tacking neally 100% & learning a shed load of stuff. The racing has been with 12 & 14mtr kites, 3 races a day taking approx 30min.The competition is good & all the top 10 could win. The sport is still evolving and there are many more changes this year compared to last. The start line is way more competetive with windward rules really active now & many people takingĀ  a 20% penalty for all sorts of incidents that last year would have been waived. With the world championships in 6 weeks time in Texas, it is a race against time to get dialled on the right equipment.

Mike’s passion for good living, sustainability, vegetarianism, Raw Food, Tibetan Rights as well as a great body awareness has been the biggest education of this trip. Had I been to a health farm, a load of courses I would not have gained the knowledge & experience he has given me. Mike is also on the olympic committee for 2016 Rio- he believes that the kite racing will be inn and see’s this area of the sport as still in massive development. The Uk just does not get it!!! & the only people I have to practice with are Stevie/Ben in the 49-er class, windsurf forular boards & the Garmin.

2 days to go in the event then the long trip back to the grey expense of the UK. Mexico is one of my favourite for decent people, friendly, respectful, patient plus the most amazing climate & cheap living. I sit at our internet cafe that overlooks the jungle in the background, water all around & the great tree’s of life. Been very fortunate dialling in with the local family- Ricardo, Dee-ago, fenadez, Renu et el- all the young 18 yr olds living in the local street & welcoming us to their families for the week.Below- an education – & they all loved it-mexico2-004.jpg