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Hydrofoil Pro tour stop & European championships

A few events back to back where Olly went to San Francisco & finished 4th then to the Europeans in Turkey where Olly took 3rd Place & Hydrofoil Pro tour stop in Germany where Olly took 3rd.

A few words from Guy:
” The Europeans in Turkey were really frustrating for me. I started really well getting 4th in the Bosphorus Race- this was 44Km on all points of sail down to the Famous Stretch of water linking Europe to Asia. I messed up the finish which meant I missed my 3rd place which I had held all the way. I realised that I had pushed things hard & by evening my Lower Back had completely seized up & I was unable to move. This was the first time anything like this had happened to me. I tried to race the next day but was unable to push and was in so much pain. The rest of the regatta I tried to get my back better since the following week I had the hydrofoil Pro tour stop in Germany.

Arriving in Germany, Mum had drove from the UK & had all sorts of stretching, TENS machine & excercises. I also was lucky to be looked after by Dr.Wake who is a really talented Physiotherapist & also passionate kitesurfer. On site physio meant morning & night heavy pressure point sessions. Incredibly, I was starting to kite pain free. This made a huge difference to my results & I was happy to come away with 4th place overall with my older brother- Olly in 3rd place.

Back in the UK for a few days where I have turned age 18 & am preparing to head to China for the Gold Cup stop next week