Local LIVE conditions
Goodbye to the Island Boa Vista

It is not the start of a new year without the annual pilgrimage to the cape verde Islands. The journey really begins when we get the 4 x 4 trucks & head to the water the day we land. Excited to be in the warmth & feel the NE trades blowing across the dusty land. This is BoaVista & the party is about to begin.
Each morning there is a stretch/ yoga/ swimming session off the beach which really kicks the day off. Lunch is packed, trucks are loaded & we head to the dirt tracks dodging donkeys, horses, goats & Guineafowls. The red sand dust settles on the board bags & the strong smell of ozone welcomes us as we arrive in Ervatao. An incredible bay with cross shore winds & 2 point breaks to learn to wave ride. Those wanting to foil head to E1 (ervatao 1) where the water is flatter. Linking turns, learning footwork, hitting the critical section: learning is what drives us & this is what we all are here for. Late afternoon we take a downwinder back towards Currel Velho and the trucks pick us up before the sunset drive back home. A beer or a few in the local town or a visit to the farm to save a baby goat: daily occurrences fill the banter into the evening.
The days that follow we introduce Varandinha (ak next stop Brazil) which gives everyone a chance to get out of their comfort zone. The trip is not without a sand dune competition or the occasional truck stuck in the sand. This is ‘Eric’s best beach in the world and many would not argue that the natural shape, colours, pristine feel is just that. We have to get a kite in the air to really feel if the spot will work: it is not long before a brave handful start taking on the big side /off conditions & take their kitesurfing to the next level.
Evening meals of Tuna, Wahoo, fresh local vegetables, Rice & Fogo wine. The best was enjoyed in someones front living room while the meal was prepared & presented in such a basic kitchen. To spend the money locally, we all felt the importance to the communities. A night drive back across the desert and star gazing with Strava and his laser light we witnessed the whole solar system on occasions.
The iconic trip to ‘santa Maria (shipwrecks) with a large onshore wave similar to Westward Ho! is a must to kite close to the shipwreck in this moon like landscape with pristine turquoise waters. For others the safe feeling that Ponta Antonia brings is a welcome relief, onshore winds & turtles to dodge in the small waves that roll into the bay.
The wind did blow and we had more days on 7mtr kites than we have ever had. Decent wave riding, great food & company plus many new friendships. Thankyou to Jezza for his huge positivity & coaching tips and also to Nick for his lyrics on ‘Welcome to the Island Boa Vista’