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Genetrics/Pikies & Kickers in Fuerta

small-fuerta.jpgfuerta-day-3-pics-027.JPG                                                                     Day 3 in Fuerta for the North kiteboarding 2011 photoshoot with ‘The Bridglets’ & its been pretty eventful. Wind has been good every day & we eventually found the lagoons that everyone has been talking about. These make the bottom channel look huge & great for Sail repair services! But everyone was there- all travelling from PKRA Germany to PKRA fuerta for the 25th World cup event. We spent many hours satisfying the camara team before doing our own thing! It was when ‘Carlos’insisted that Tom ride on a 6mtr rebel & a 2011 board that Tom threw his toys out the pram & said ‘I am not interested in Photo’s & am staying with my 4mtr evo!!! When you have that much talent that ‘Tom’ Clearly has then think he should stick with this strategy!

fuerta-day-3-pics-069.JPG                                                                        It was a dream come true for the boys -mixing it up with Youri Zoon, Cesar, Mallory etc while watching  Tom Court  spend more time with the kicker on the roof of his very small Panda than in the ocean. We also kited at ‘Glass beach’ & have never made so many enemies in 1 afternoon! Windsurfers rule at this place but when you can ride twice as many waves as them & have the upwind abilty of a World Champion then we should all be able to share the same break!!Twice on this day I got approached by people asking if Tom was being looked after with NKB. ‘Genetrics Kites’now want him & are following his to Sotavento this week to see his progress!!!

The boys had to do their 1st deep water pack down today with a total shut off of wind from 25knots to zero in 5 seconds! A long swim & a good learning experience. This evening the kids ate for 3 euro’s – chinease meal- eat what you want style! Done & ready for a 06.30am dawn call since we are heading for HW at the lagoons in Cotillo for filming & then to ‘German point’ to ride with Sky on the new Wam. Swell is supposed to be building.  4pm registration at Stotovento for Race event so back to the seat harness & those crazy boards again!