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Flexifoil sabre 2 review By James Proctor

I have flown the 7m and the 9.5m version of the sabre 2, I took these kites on my kite boarding holiday to Wales and had great fun with them learning to jump. These kites are great for someone looking to buy their first depowerable kite or as a learners snow kite as the sabre 2 is the only depowerable kite to have a 5th line, allowing for 100% depower for those scary moments, but also accommodates the professional kite boarder as it is also flown by LEWIS WILBY.


This was my first depowerable kite and I have learnt so much from them over such a short period of time when I was on holiday, so would recommend to anyone getting their first depowerable kite, the Flexifoil sabre 2 because of its great 100% depower system and it comes in so many sizes for everyone.
Has a nice smooth motion but a bit slow on the default factory setting, for my liking but this can be changed for personal preferences to suit the type of kiting you do. The kite has some great lift and float once up there, adding to that the kite comes with a great manual with clear COLOURED, yes COLOURED pictures which you can refer to all the time. I found it was easy to set up and easy to use for the first time.

The only problem I found was when jumping you have to try quite hard to redirect the kite back down for a powered exit as it has a tendency to sit at 12 o’clock.