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Edge Gps Speed Challenge 08

Its back on for the winter and just in time to make the most of the next weeks worth of wind. Who is going to be the overall champ? will the Windsurfers be able to maintain the title as the fastest on the Exe? Can any one beat Bob Cunninghams Fastest speed on the Exe? New world record just set in Namibia of 49.9 knots who can get closest?

So many questions and we need the answers the format is the same as last year the time must be posted either in the duck pond or the seafront. Any make of GPS is ok for us and all we are intrested in is the maximum speed recorded.


Just show the evidence to someone in the shop and they will get you onto the leader board. Edge have 2 GPS units that may be borrowed to set a time or alternatively we can get you an Amyrllo trip tracker unit for £95.

Prizes are £50 Edge vouchers for the fastest kitesurfer and windsurfer plus a bottle of Moet for the overall champ.

End date for this autumns challenge will be 21st December 08 with prizes at the shop.

Rankings so far:

Chewie 33.49 knots windsurfing

Carl Sawyer 29.5 knots windssurfing

Eric 33.3 knots Kitesurfing