Local LIVE conditions



With snow falling all around the Uk, freezing temperatures and road closures it was one of our better calls to encourage the group of 20 kitesurfers to make the voyage to Gatwick the night before take off. After an easy check inn and 6hrs flying south we arrived at the island of Boa Vista to a huge swell and 20knots of wind! With my previous contacts from the November trip I manage to get local guide ‘Stravagante’ to collect us from the airport & get us to the hotel where we could enjoy an evening kite session off the Riu. For those that made the effort were rewarded with classic cross shore down the line wave riding! This was going to be some trip if this swell continued!!!


Loaded the vans & we headed the scenic route to Prair de Santa Maria to the north of the island. This is a huge sandy beach with a wreck on it and a good size wave rolling in no matter what the swell direction. This was a rude awakening for everyone, many not been on the water for a while now having to face the white walls!!! It was funny when A.G. (BKSA Head of training Andy Gratwick) said to me so steph ‘is this it????’ I replied ‘yes pretty much it never gets much smaller!!!’ So, in at the deep end Edge style we set to work making sure small kites were the order of the day. I think it was Tom Yuole who made the funniest moment for Eric & I having suddenly experienced real pace there was no stopping him on his down-winders! Doing well to not kill himself it was only at the bar later that we got the full picture of the ‘fin’impeded on his rear left buttock! No need for the doctor, Tom put a brave face to some of his tales of joy! Knowing that the North west swell would be dropping we went to find the wave on the west side of the island later that afternoon.We had a down-winder from Sal Rei to the Riu hotel where we enjoyed swells in cross-off. The peaks were holding up and we were able to get a couple of turns in before the wave powered onto the beach. Sam was first time on a directional & getting amongst it. Dan was ripping on the rocket fish, A.G & Eric shedded some on the sets and I just felt like I was fully on the green and getting ‘tubed’


Awoke to a very windy start and headed to Santa Maria. All of the group got on better in the challenging conditions. We had the beginners getting up on boards & others just coming in & out trying directionals, kites and gaining from the array of demo kit & tuition on tap.

By 2pm we took a van load to explore a new spot at Ponta Antonia. This involved an hour’s drive and took us to the most ideal bay with flatter water & small waves rolling in. It was perfect, we were on it, rushing to get the most out of the daylight left. Sam & Jonno loved the flat water for trickery while Dan, A.G & Eric enjoyed the outer breaks. We sailed till dusk fully stoked and happy to have found this spot. A swift drive back to the Riu for beers & capirinha’s for a few strange stories from the rest of the group !!


We took the team to the beach we had discovered on Sunday, at Ponta Antonia. Cross –ON with waves and 12mtr weather. For many this was their best session so far. Everything was coming together & the team were all over this bay. By mid-afternoon the wind had died a bit so we went in the next bay which we called ‘S-Bay’! Plenty of sharks in the bay, we watched them play in the waves and many a thought came into peoples heads- ‘surely they venture out sometimes??’

The day was rounded off with beers at ‘Spinguera’ which is a small exclusive retreat with a very relax feel & although at 110 euro’s per nite per person many of the group said ‘steph can we stay here next time’!


Work stations around the beach with A.G running a ‘trimmimg session & ‘size is not everything’! After getting more questions and sorting everyones kite set up out, the wind had teased enough to get us playing on the water. Eric also ran into trouble with a session on self launch & landing-!

Strava had spent an hour with a spear gun in the water and came out with 10 huge fish that looked far to good to eat! Joe, Sam & Jono did some fishing & had plenty of bites & snaps! Although the wind was light everyone gained a lot from body dragging out off the beach- a new skill learnt. By afternoon we loaded the trucks and headed on a mission to find some cold beers to eat with the fish & a new spot! After a rather bumpy hour we arrived to find a bolt offshore bay blowing 18knots and just perfect for a cheeky little freestyle session. Camara’s were snapping so we all tried to do our thing with a cheesy grin! Strava had made a fire and prepared the fish, a couple of locals joined us & we all watched the sun go down while drinking beer & eating snapper that could not be fresher.


The trip to Gata’s took us through the pretty towns of Joao Galego & Fundo das Figueiras. These are tidy, clean with chickens running around, people sitting outside playing cards & chatting & the distant sound of singing. Donkeys & goats dot the sun beaten dry tracks & we arrive at yet another insane spot. Everyone dispersed to discover turtle carcases’s or go snorkling with the sharks at gata’s!!! By the afternoon the wind kicked in late for a down winder and although this was the lightest wind day, many had enjoyed the chance to go on directional boards, big kites and gain kite knowledge in marginal winds. Simon won tghe prize for the best ripper of the day- it was all about the 14mtr 2009 north evo & any pointy board- he was ripping.


Ponta Antonia was the choice destination for a building north wind. After getting the morning fix snorkling with sharks, many of the group pumped 14’s & 12mtr kites. Flat water on the inside allowed the freestlers to practice while all the lessons learnt in gybing came together out the back in waves.

As always Tom Deb was the last off the water, eating every ounce out of his strappless board. All satisfied to have had a decent afternoon’s kiting we drove to Spinguera for beers. Half of the group stayed for dinner and this was a superb way to end the week. By 10pm and after too much red wine we loaded the trucks and suddenly there was a race on! Mike was driving with steph on gears & we were tearing the back country to tunes from ‘pee-tong’. The truck was rocking as we bounced over dirt tracks & down revines in the effort to win the race Back at the Riu Joe stacked the tequila’s high & we sang to the Kareoke while Tom & Jeff did a sterlin job on the stage. Pilling into the on site disco, Pasha, it was Martyn who succeded in attracting the best girl at the club for some floor time. Followed by some naked swimming in the pool this was a great way to end the week!!


For many this was now their 8th day going Kitesurfing- and again we took the group to another new beach. The wind was more northerly so we took the short drive to Chaves where the view is just insane. Although all slightly sore heads & feeling hung over it was time to pump the 9mtr’s & hit some ramps. For the first time in a week, there was local talent trotting along the beach and it didn’t take A.G long to get chatting & soon the lads were showing their stuff infront of the Italian chicks. By mid-day we had to make a brief exist off the beach- we essentially snow-kited back up the sand dune!! A superb way to end the week- all buzzing from a decent session and time to board the flight back to the uk. This place could not be easier- the airport is just a few minutes away & the all inclusive provides any last minute needs.

We thank everyone for making the Edge trip to Boa such great fun & it was great to spend some time getting to know everyone. We spend so many hours drinking, chatting, driving, kiting and being as a family it always feels sad to part company. We are pioneers to this special island, battered by n.e trades and full of beauty, nature & the best playground any kitesurfer could wish for. The photo’s show many good times & experiences- more to follow. We shall be back to Boa in November 2009 and February 2010 for more info contact us very soon.