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Best Nemesis 08 review By Mike Way

Best Nemesis 12M

I must have been really good last year, ‘cos Santa brought me a new kite! And what a kite it is: the Nemesis is positioned as Best’s top end kite for 2008. Do not let this put you off; it is a totally awesome kite which provides fantastic performance combined with total predictability. The kite is an evolution of Best’s Waroo which uses something called Cuben fibre for the leading edge tube. The result is a much smaller leading edge which dramatically improves the aerodynamics of the kite.

In the air, you immediately notice that is very quick and flies very close to the edge of the window. What makes it special is that it has no tendency to fall out of the sky and seems to do exactly as you tell it. Turning speed is also pretty quick though you do need a decent set of non-stretch lines, beware though that the old Best line set feels soggy on this kite. I’m convinced that this is the kite on which I will finally crack soft-landings from kite-loops!

Eventually, you will of course drop it in the drink. Re-launch is incredible. Best have hyped there re-launch so often that I now ignore them. This kite though really does work. Even nose-down in fairly light winds, a quick tug on one line and it’s up. Pull really hard on one line and you can get it to flip over and hot-launch (at your own risk!).

The construction is excellent. Last years Best kites were built to a fantastic standard and these are better. I’d be surprised if anyone is building tougher or better finished kites. I must however tell you about the hat. “The hat?” I hear you ask. Yup, the hood on the bag is detachable and intended to be work as a rain-hat. You may think that a silly idea. No comment.


The only down-side I have found so far is the inflation pressure required. You really need to pump it as hard as you physically can. I’m about 75Kg and for the last few pumps, my feet come of the ground! The kite is offered with an option of a one-pump (EZ-Pump) system, with hindsight, having tried EZ-Pump, its well worth the extra 50 quid.

It’s a great kite, I absolutely love it. Problem is: I don’t want to use any of my old kites now.