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The Red Bull King of the Exe (KOTE)

The KOTE is Exmouth’s Big air competition. With no fixed date and a ‘waiting period’ starting on the 1st August with a roll over until the 30th November, the King of the Exe will run on the best forecast in this period when some gnarly weather arrives and strong winds allows the riders to jump as high as possible. The event must be ran on a weekend day. The conditions we are looking for is a wind from the SE all the way round to a SW direction and must be a spring tide ideally with the tide going out. The judging criteria for the event will be based on the height, extremety and degrree of difficulty of the jumps, there will also be points awarded for style. This competition is open to anybody for application but is entirely at the riders own risk and the rider must have the equipment, knowledge and skill to enter this event. The Edge team will select and invite the top riders for the event.

KOTE 2021 dates are TBC – follow @edgewatersportsuk on instagram or edgewatersports on facebook┬áto stay up to date!

In the meantime, check out the previous event video below!

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