Local LIVE conditions
1 Day More!

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We were supposed to stay there! After 7 days of wind, waves & Safari on the Edge trip to Boa Vista we managed to get an extra day’s kitesurfing while waiting for a delayed plane. The trip consisted of kitesurfers from the southwest including the UK North dealer Callum and his 90 kilo’s of new 2010 North toys to play with. A great bunch of mainly blokes all up for the daily safari to another white sandy beach, desolute & untouched. Joined by our guide, ‘Strava’ we now have decent knowledge of the best spots on any given day. Eric was on a 12mtr kite all week with 1 day on a 10mtr and the wind averaged 16-20 knots, windier in the south. Staying at the Riu Karamboa all inclusive of alcohol and as much food each meal time, we enjoyed 5 star luxsury & plenty of ‘Smash & Grab’ to keep us entertained in the evening. Morning Yoga was enjoyed by a small keen group that came to the decision this was mandatory for future trips. This was followed by breakfast & a daily load up of the 4 wheel drive toyota‘s to head ‘ On tour’. Favourite spots included Ervatao, Varindinha, Chavis, Ponta Antonia & Ship Wrecks. Boa Vista continues to deliver the goods with decent wind, swells & just 5 hours from the UK. Just make sure that if you are joining us for any future trips to the island, allow an extra day off just in case the plane gets delayed!!!

Pictures, stories and full diary to follow