Local LIVE conditions
Wrap up- North American Continentals

pic-4.jpg                                     mexico2-081.jpg                                       Although disappointing not to get any more races finished, learn t alot more about light wind kiteflying & racing. I am talking 4-8 knots with 40mtr lines being a must! The closing ceremony was huge posh affair mixed with the huge sailing regatta on the edge of the harbour. Everyone dressed up, relaxed & we ate & drank to a live orchestra. In the mens I got 11th, behind Chips Wasson, who was 2nd at the Worlds in San Francisco. Even if I had had a more competitive set up, it would have been a mission to get top 6 places. The girls I won with Melissa in 2nd & Sandy 3rd place.


The morning before my flight back to the UK we were taken by our host family in their private plane to see the jungle & spectacular vallarta bay. It was the most incredible experience- I was in the passenger seat of the ‘Moody’ & we flew so low over the jungle life, waterfalls & back country.

Thanks to North Kiteboarding & the family sponsor, Eric I am able to make these great trips to events happen. Bring on Texas in 6 weeks!!