Local LIVE conditions


A big thanks to all who supported the Windsurf Demo on Saturday. The day started early with high water at 10.30am. The wind was light but many enjoyed the Duck Pond at its best while chatting about kit to many of the Brands represented. We had Starboard, Tushingham, Mistral, Fanatic, North, RRD, Ezzy, Goya & Serverne all on display for people to have a play with. Although the wind was light, many were getting excited about the building easterly. The highlight of the morning was the Paddleboard race which had over 30 people having a go. The Tide was building and the wind freshening by the final of the SUP and everyone was having loads of sun in the warm sunshine. We set a course out to a channel post, divided the fleet in half which allowed for 2 heats to be run. There was no lagging and the adrenaline was pumping for the this team relay event that got everyone on the water. We decided to have NO RULES so it was’nt long before paddleboarders were getting pushed off. Plenty of fit bodies were on display with all of the top 3 paddle board teams coming from within the industry. We shall have to create a handicap next year!
Sat afternoon was teasing on Exmouth seafront with so much Ebb and approx 10-12knots of s.e wind. Most comedy was Eric sessioning on the paddleboard with a windsurf rig- wearing his shorts, remembering all those windsurf days that use to be. Lightwind Freestyle kept many entertained while the Kitesurfers also played with the classic summers day.

A few beers at the grove followed by a heavy night on Exmouth town. Poor George from Starboard awoke on sunday morning to find his entire van covered in JP stickers!!!!! Sunday also looked promising and many had an hour on a sunny easterly on the seafront- always the best cure for a hang over.
Edge would like to thank Tushingham, Starboard, North, Serverne, RRD and Goya for making the effort to introduce all the new toys for 2009. If anyone wants to talk about any kit, prices, trade inn’s etc then give us a shout.