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Kitesurf Training steps up for Exmouth Hopefuls in the Youth Olympic Games

Eric set a perfect slalom course in W/NW 18-22knots and low water off Exmouth Seafront on Sunday 21st October 2017. In 4 person heats in a 3 minute countdown the kite surfers raced around a series of buoys downwind to the finish. This exciting format involving high speed crashes & position changes is what has been selected for the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina 2018. The Team Bridge Youth Academy trains the youngsters & provides the platform for progression in all areas of the sport. Check the action here

Check the footage from this summer: HERE

The Youth Riders showed the way, starting fast & meaningful it was clear from the start the Eddie Hooper was in it to win it. Riding with boots & 9mtr North Vegas, Eddie showed that there was alot to be gained on the start & a race winning ‘Hook’ gave him the advatange in the first final elimination. Closely chased by Ben Daffin consistently in 2nd while Stan Hart who, in with the fight, took a couple of crashes in the final round which cost him his Bronze result. Showing massive improvement in her kitesurfing, age 14 Rachael Hooper went in attack mode & took advantage of Stan’s mistake to take her into both finals & securing bronze overall. Also amongst the youth, Matt Hicks nudged up a gear & got 5th while ‘Crazy’ Jake, only kitesurfing for 4 months took 6th overall.


The mens was more hectic on the buoy roundings especially with many riders not feeling the love to downloop their kites or in fact jump transition. This enabled many position changes which made for really exciting racing & results! A long time kiter & local dentist, Andy Rochester put down the power & dominatred the mens overall results while Alex Large, Ross Wittal, Chris Marsh & Ray Gibbins were also amongst the mix!  Great to see new faces to the race scene and we hope that this has given you a taste of much more to come in 2018. Thanks to Guy & Mo on the results, Lil on the flags, parents on the beach & to Emma at North Kites UK for the prizes.


Youth Mixed: 1st Eddie Hooper 2nd Ben Daffin 3rd Rachael Hooper 4th Stan Hart

Adult Mixed: 1st Andy Rochester 2nd Chris Marsh 3rd Ray Gibbins 4. Ross Whittal