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Tom Bridge Wins PKRA Juinor World Championships in Spain

The 2nd PKRA world youth freestyle championships were held at St Pere Pescador in the Bay of Roses- Northern Spain from 30 June till 4th July.  Over 50 competitors turned up from all over the world including Hawaii , Japan, Phillipines and Mauritius.  The competitors were split into 5 age categories 2 for the girls and 3 for the boys.
On the first day the event started and was served up some gusty windy conditions from the south.  In the youngest age Category riding North kites  Karim Mahmoud from Egypt set the tone for the rest of the week with some powerful riding winning this age group.
Soon the older categories got started with Tom Bridge showing why he was the favorite for the title in the 12-14 years category with some impressive moves.  Also progressing well to the semi final was Christian Tio from Boracay who was showing why he is a rider to watch out for in the future with some stylish powered riding.
In the eldest Boys Category best placed North Rider was Guy Bridge who made his way against solid competitors till the semi finals ending up in 4th Place.  Also riding well in this category was Yaya Ochiai from Japan who rode  well but had a tough heat in the second round and looks to the doubles to progress through the field.
Over the next 2 days the singles were completed with Tom beating Christian in the semis before dominating the final and winning the single eliminations with Cristian taking 3rd place .  The doubles then started but were dogged by light and gusty winds taking until the last day of the event to reach the final heats. Guy managed to maintain his position finishing 4th.  In the 12 -14 category Christian Tio improved his position one place ending 2nd behind Tom Bridge a great first and 2nd for North Kiteboarding.