Daily report
22nd July 2019 :

The windy theme continues all week – today -again Building SW winds with LW 1630hrs making sure you have a date with Exmouth Seafront from 1300hrs onwards today for the best wind & Kitesurfing.  Its starts pretty windy so easily rideable early with foils or windsurf off Exmouh Duck Pond (HW 10.40) Learning to Kitesurf then this is going to be great – all afternoon / evening & be sure to head across the channel around LW. Exe Hammer Entry Here. Check the final session of the youth academy Here  info@edgewatersports.com or phone : 07887882866

King of The Exe 2018 Here

Check the Edge Race Cup 2019 Edit Here

Check the Edit from the 2018 Hammer Here


Exmouth Sea Front

Exmouth Duck Pond

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4 days of under 6 knots of wind and we have learnt & experienced so much. From the first day when we thought that we would never get a kite in the air to then cruising up a steep mountain with the kite taking us up the vertical sections. When reaching the top we find powder, a massive sense of achievement and then a brief pack down and choose your line! The sun is going down but we have the last lift on our back! We get to do it all again and we do not sit in a queue, pay crazy money for coffee, rush to catch the last lift or get told where we can not ride. This is the new sport and it certainly won’t be the last time we will be snow kiting.