Daily report
19th November 2018 :

When the wind goes to the East, Exmouth starts to become a way broader playground. Today – many options with an E/NE around 18knots & only rideable is off Rodney Point/ Sandy Bay again. Tricky launch/ landing & safer option is to head to Dawlish Warren. Exmouth Duck Pond with HW 15.30 for learning the sports- (will be gusty) from noon onwards. Its a great day for surf & experienced kiter/windsurfers.  Afternoon fun waves around HW to be had off the groins.  Shop Closed Today – on stand by – 07887882866

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The Great British Swim

Check Episode 6 Of The Great British Swim as Ross Edgely takes on GB with just a small bit of swimming! Red Bull Athletes, Tom and Andrew Cotton were invited down to foil alongside as Ross swam around Lands end. Great footage & action:  Here