Local LIVE conditions

The Edge team has just arrived back to a pumping forecast after a long weekend at the first round of the British championships that were held in Clacton on sea Essex.
Being part of the Edge team doesn’t just mean your riding has too look good but you have too look good aswell… so of course we were going too travel in style on the infamous EDGE EXPRESS if you havnt heard of this beauty of a wagon its a fully kited out stickered up kiting motor home fit for any bridgelet you could throw at it  with everything you could possibly need for a weekend away at a kite event. so as the EE was loaded with freestyle and all the race kit you could think of we were ready to go . With a brief stop for a awsome roast cooked by Erics parents and a petroll and water fill we were there in what seemed no time at all with olly on navigating duties and me and Tom jamming on the acoustic in the back. As we cruised past Clacton pier and fairground we could just about make out the BKSA flags in the darkness. So this was decision time do we park on the what looked like grass next to the judges tent or slightly down the boulevard towards the further end of the bay the decision was made of which resulted in team Edge and some unhappy campers pushing the motor home out of Grass like sand. 2 hours later we managed to rescue the EDGE express and were parked up ready for a good sleep in preparation of ollies pro competition in the morning. we woke to a calm and sunny bay with perfect flat water and a good atmosphere with only one thing too worry about nd that was the wind well in ollies case his hearing too! unfortunately it did not show up and ollys freestyle event was on hold. The wind was light all day so there was a lot of skating. Olly and steph headed out to sea on race boards and 15/17ms to check out the deal. After a long day of playing the waiting game for the wind and lots of skating it didn’t show up. steph and olly came in with the low down and were sure it was boots and gloves weather !. tuna pesto noodles for dinner with fruit desert what more could you ask for from top chef steph bridge ! not knowing what was going to happen tomorrow we got our heads down for a rest not . We soon woke Buzzing and ready to seize the day after bacon and egg for breakfast clacton was like a different place, cold, wet and miserable. Today the freestyles going to go ahead and so was the racing. First freestyle event of the day was the youths, light winds made it hard for the competitors but the guys managed to squeeze out some results. Edges finest Tom Bridge, killing it and winning by a mile, while my debut event ended in 4th place. Meanwhile, Olly and Steph were out to sea killing it in the racing while Callum Edge and Lee Pasty was close behind. The wind died off soon after the first freestyle event and no more freestyle categories were able to go ahead. Saturday night was a great night, with a lovely roast carvery provided by the BKSA. Lee pasty Harvey bring constant laughs and banter to the table. A full  moon lit walk back to the edge express for teeth, pyjamas and bed! Sunday – the weather got worse and colder, a wet drizzle and windy from the south west made clacton look bleak and feel winter-like. The plan for today was for the racing to go ahead in the morning and get the freestyle done in the afternoon, as the racers headed out, Olly soon took the lead in the first race and kept this up with a clean sheet with three firsts. Again winds died and Olly was still not able to do his pro event but he was happy enough with the first place in round one of the british championships racing, although there was not enough wind for Olly’s freestyle and expression session took plae where Olly landed some solid tricks and an impressive shifty 3 in very light winds. Prize given was dominated by team Edge with Steph, Olly and Callum on the racing podium and Tom on top in the freestyle. A long drive back to Exmouth was on the cards as the Edge Express was prepped for a long journey back to where it belongs, the GPS soon burnt it’s bridges and we were back in no time. Thanks team edge for an amazing weekend. 
QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: A fellow competetor approached olly asking for a football pump olly replied with sorry mate iv just had breakfast ?!! this was especially funny as olly had stick all weekend about his hearing as mentioned . Good times.
Written by Morgan Tinsley