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Team Bridge Down Under

1545924_675433885829486_1311393525_nphoto (4) photo (5)A trip to Western Australia we were never going to turn down, so with over 200kilos of sports equipment we arrived to the warm, colour , lively young atmosphere of Perth. Slightly jetlagged, our 1st day involved taking part in the Lighthouse to Leighton (L2L) race which is approx. –kns from Rottnest Island to Leighton beach. A superb kitesurf race which involves everyone getting on the ferry at 9am and setting up their kit on Rottnest island. The locals give it a huge chat about the weed and amount of local knowledge you need to get across the stretch of water.  Previously sponsored by Red Bull this event is massively over-subscribed and although Olly & I made the wrong decisions on which equipment to take for this event, next year we shall have an advantage to get amongst the front of the pack!

Our 1st week we stayed around the Perth area enjoying mostly the local spot called ‘Woodies’.The wind is super reliable with the seabreese, the freemantle doctor, building from 10am and getting strongest around 3pm. This is not a crazy wind like Cape Town, it does have its stronger days but generally 18-22knots and very smooth. Ideal for freestyle practice for the boys while mum and dad get the hang of the kitefoil!

Our second week we headed south to the Margaret River area and this place is just off the scale for spots. The wind is less reliable and there will be days when you will not kite. BUT the area is stunning with so many different wave set ups, coastal walks, rivers, bush camping and off course all that wine tasting. Just down the road at Augusta there is a sick flat waterspot actually in the southern ocean so it picks up a different wind patten.

We had visions of heading to Esperance but with such good kitesurfing in this area we struggled to leave! Our final few days we spent testing fins around woodies back in the Perth area andas we sit on the plane travelling home we go through pictures & video clips. What a great adventure & could have gone terribly wrong! A few days ago, Tom & Guy found a small Octapus on the beach , turns out this was a rare blue ringed Octapus whose posison will kill within 90minutes! I am still in dis-belief and think Tom has used another of his lives since he was trying to put it back in the sea!

We look forward to sharing the video with you soon and if ever you want to make the trip to Western Australia then it will not disappoint.