Local LIVE conditions
Stranded in TARIFA!

Due back in the Uk last Thursday we have managed to score some world class wave conditions in Tarifa when this huge swell arrived out of no where. The locals have been going crazy & its been levante windy also. Down the line riding at Bologna & Canos while the bridglets have continued their progress on the lagoon & are just loving the flight delays while its costing mum & Dad a fortune. Car rental, mobile phone bills, Car parking, accommodation not to mention ever getting back to the UK. We have looked at buying a car to drive back since can not book on any ferries for a week. Then I was supposed to be on a flight out of Heathrow to the Race Worlds in Texas on Monday which I re- booked out of Madrid but it looks like this will not fly.

Anyway its not such a bad place to get a few extra days of water time!!!!