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 Steph has returned from the 1st PKRA Kite Course Race event winning all 11 races in the womans division and averaging 7th position in the mens fleet. Nicky Rudd gained valuable experience on the race course, this being her 1st World event. More info below:kite-scene-2-small.jpg steph-podium-1-small.jpgkite-scene1-small.jpgresults-small.jpgsteph-podium-small.jpgnicky-small.jpg




Even with a ‘flybe’ inside contact our Exeter check inn was still one of the biggest check inn missions I have had! For this event I was travelling with Nicky Rudd & Darren Pompey who were lucky to be with me on the same flight. After checking by bags inn I soon filled them up with all of their excess kites etc before shoving the bags down the oversized luggage hole & keeping their weight down. The check in tricks always work!

I was lucky to be travelling with a brand new quiver of North Rebel 2010 & my lovely new race board with over-sized fins. The short flight to Faro & a transfer to the event site at Alvor, it suddenly felt like I was coming home. I have been coming to this event since 2007 & made lots of friends that are still in the same drink holes, play the same music & enjoy all of our company.


The Kitemasters involves Kite Course Racing and freestyle. During the next 5 days up to 4 races/day will be held and as much freestyle as the wind allows. All of the racing takes place on the sea at Alvor beach and support is given by local kiteschool/shop & camp- Nelson. Local Evening sponsors – The Bolan Bar & The Sports Café.


DAY 1- RACE 1, 2, 3


A quick decision to hit the pin end of the start on Port was a good move, I cleared the fleet on Port along with 5 others. On my 14mtr rebel 2010 with 32cm lines, it felt quick but not as quick as Bruno & Sean! Race 1, I took 5th overall & did not see any of the girls in sight! Race 2 I beat Dirk and had a smiliar overall result. Race 3, I beat Charles & could have used my 12mtr kite! It was every bit as tiring as I can remember & the sun is so hot- it is this that takes it out of you. Red Bull keeps the day alive and after a few freestyle heats just to finish the day off the walk back up the hill is a breeze.

Meal with Louis & fabbi –owners of sports bar eating local delicacy from the ocean. The only night of the week we went to bed before 1am. -BONNE DIA


DAY 2- RACE 4, 5, 6


A triangle course was set & we got all races completed in around 13-15knots. The final race was a bit of a lottery with a dying wind & plenty of wind holes on the course. This race I went for the area’s of most breeze which paid off & I got 4th overall with many other kiters not finishing.

UK team Nicky, Darren & Jason all on a steep learning curve & gaining vital tactics, startline strategy & confidence.

Bolan Bar Party- evening. We closed the Sports Bar 5am!! Discussions with Caulbi to open a Bolan bar in France & the UK!!!




A building onshore wind with a short chop allowed some superb racing. A hectic start close to the beach & a long upwind leg spread the fleet quickly. Really felt like I was working my board now well, pumping to get around the buoys and upwind to keep it on the move. Still my angle is not great upwind compare to the top 6 places, there is room for work here.

Freestyle was run in gusty cross shore winds & I took a 14mtr rebel when most others were on 10mtr kites!! I was happy with my heat against Jalou Langeree who passed a blind Judge. Evidently it was very close with me doing mostly old school moves which was essentially what this freestyle event is all about at the kitemasters. Nicky had bad luck with her opponents- coming up against Karolin Winskoski & Yalou was a bit bad luck. It was another superb learning experience for her & seeing the level of riding is very motivating.

RED BULL PARTY- SPORTS BAR- we opened the sports bar & closed the Bolan Bar!

The feeling that the Caiparini concept with the reggae music & feel of Caulbi’s bar really could work well.




The lightest wind so far & a big thing happened! We are now racing in 6 knots of wind! Going upwind and going well. Nobody really knows what we are achieving with the boards, longer kite lines & bigger fins. It is incredible & really gives the competition a level of significance. It is no longer necessary to find super windy places to run the racing- like with freestyle. This will mean that racing can take place in lots of new places, attracting decent sponsors. The sport is growing and it is important to spread the word about what is being achieved. We have not even started to think about lighter kite lines, lighter construction kites etc.


Evening – Cocktails & dancing on the bar at Sports Bar. All the competitors out & on it! Memories of the 2 blond 16yr olds from Leeds with their parents outside & them dancing on the bar with no pants on!!!! A big mess with the music deck. Johara sick.




The final day was packing, discussions about the rules & an end of regatta Prize giving. I decided to blow a fair bit of my money to buy Charles Delaue’s Carbon board. This means that now Eric can race this board & I can train with him plus I have a competitive board when the wind is under 12knots!Darren pompey ended up a healthy 21st overall which was an incredible result for his 1st world event in conditions which were very kit specific. Nicky was 7th overall in the race & will be on a 4 fin board next time!


Evening- Closed the sports bar! A mixture of sadness as this small family that we have been for 7 days is splitting. Many competitors travel to Tarifa for the KPWT event and the rest we enjoy a long meal with wine, talk some more & dance a lot (again!!) Caulbi & his family make us feel very welcome and we are planning to meet Caulbi in October to start the next Bolan bar! Dirk is still not burnt out & wins by a very long way the night time event. Everyone takes the shuttle to the airport at 7am having just arrived home, suddenly we have peace!!!  Check out:


http://www.prokitetour.com/   http://www.internationalkiteboarding.org/