Local LIVE conditions
Steph win’s in Fuerta PKRA with 1 day early!

Fuerta world cup 2010

Crazy 40 knot off shore winds, sand blowing, snaking it, bad teaching technique being seen on the beach, all kites under 9mtr’s pumped, short lines, hurting leg muscles, massive Parties starting at 1am & the constant reminder to the ‘bridglets to take a rest, cover up, drink fluids. –THIS IS THE FUERTA EVENT. The scene is amazing with so much on the water action, so much to watch & its so close to the beach where the action is. Have decided that we shall book to come again next year already! The bridglets just continue to keep the crowds amazed & many times a day I get stopped to ask thier ages & how amazing they are. They have got a decent relationship with many of the mens pro fleet & help out, enjoy the banter while they compete. This event I decided it would be too windy for them to really show thier potential but they are getting stronger each day.

Day1- 06.30am wake up call by Sky Solbach to say the waves were pumping on the other coast & we were going for photoshoot before competition brief. Grab the 7mtr rebel & waist harness & get on it. Wind did not deliver unfortunately but waves were amazing. 10am Brief & we hit the water for the first couple of races. I won both on 9mtr rebel & was pretty close to top 4 guys. By afternoon Tom, Oliver & Guy were all over the show now that wind had dropped & they were using sensible kites. With Freestyle singles postponed Tom is getting front mobe to blind, Guy s bend to blind & Oliver more consistent with Slim’s.

Day2- Day 5 we had 3-4 races every morning in 7- 9mtr weather. By day 4 I had won the event with 4 straight  1st place positions. Speed & strategy was good & my result in the mens was top 6. One of the days I beat Bruno in 3 races!

Back to the UK to work & spend time with Eric who has been holding it altogether. Next year the racing will go production boards  & will attract way more prize money we hope & the ‘Bridglets’ will take part in thier 1st PKRA tour!!

Best 21 euro’s ever spent- this was excess on car hire as insurance & the car had alot of attention!