Local LIVE conditions
Steph get 3rd in Europeans

A dash from Exmouth to Sylt late on Sunday night after the Edge Race Cup was a full on mission. Arriving in Calais to think that it would still be dark & we could get some good shut eye was not on the cards. 5am and we just kept driving East taking it in turns to get some sleep. A great little train trip ended the 19hour ordeal taking us to our final destination for the kite race Europeans in Sylt.

My birthday came early when I received a new board and a full on quiver of rebel 2011 kites. On the water quickly we had a chance for some testing and it was clear that Dirk’s new kite that Ralf had developed was going to be the one to use. Changes that had taken place since Texas were huge with all the girls now on very big boards and fins plus way bigger kites than I had. The French are now employing a coach and have a team house with briefings and de-briefings It is getting way more full on.

After the first day I was lying in 4th place and pretty gutted. Had no chance to win on a smaller kite when I was also heavier. Wish North had spent more time on the light wind race kite—perhaps will have to buy a Cabrinha Race kite!!!!????

We did’nt do this at the Edge Race Cup!!! This became a regular comment coming from Callum!! From breakfast, lunch, evening meal and BBQ, the VIP lounge, the kit storage, the fruit being handed out on the beach in between races: It was a full on learning experience for him.

By day 3 the wind had increased to 10 knots & now was doing better!!!All I want is to be powered on my 14mtr Rebel 2011— its not much to ask!!!!!! Tactically sailing well with good starts, playing windshifts up the beat and in race 6 I find myself 1st to the windward mark with Bruno close on my heals. A downwind incident which involved bruno and my kite colliding and it was all over: my chance to pull back had been ruined. Swimming around trying to relaunch the rebel with long lines, no wind and a lot of current I get it out of the water & finish way behind. Meanwhile Bruno gets a lift with the jetski and a slice of his hand out! Rushed to hospital, Bruno returns with 4 stitches and we head to the protest room together!

Day 4 we had 13-14 knots and this was it. Fighting my way to stay ahead upwind but just flying off wind I secured first place results. Do not think this is enough- need 3 more races with this wind! But they decided to switch to freestyle and now we sit on the beach again!

That was it- the end of a pretty frustrating week. It has been a really positive experience for Callum who now gets amongst the mix on the startline and yesterday completely out-pointed me!!! Now its a race to get better equipment for 8 knots!!!! Callum is being sick in the van after food poisoning and now we are driving 20hours back to the UK!!!Hope to see you there soon.