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Steph dominates World Cup PKRA Germany

germany-2010-109.JPG                                                                                                 A 20 hour trip across 4 countries  leaving  the Uk in a heat wave & arriving in Northern Germany to a an even bigger heat wave!! 3 excited bridglets getting impatient  in the Edge van as we approach St. Peter Ording for the PKRA World cup race & Freestyle event. Oliver entered race, freestyle & board off comp But Tom decided he would wait another year to show the kitesurf world who really rules!!!!

Day 1 and Oliver gets through the PKRA trials which involved 2 heats in the most horrendous sea state & up against way older guys. Stoked with his performance, Olly is re- motivated to get out & learn new moves.

Day 2 and Oliver has his single elimination against Michael Suetoff & although did all his moves this was not enough by a long way. Still — he has the doubles to come. Racing and Olly was leading race 2 when it got cancelled. As you can imagine he was gutted.

Day 3 we had 2 races which I won both but got DSQ on the 2nd race since was over the start line.

Day 4- day 10- A mammouth event with so much press, media, competition nerves & new skills being learnt.

Finally got some pace back & dominated kite racing in the second half of the week which took me to win the PKRA World Cup Germany. Bridglets hit the water for over 4 hours each day – gained motivation, new tricks & loads of new friends. A steep learning curve for Oliver whose ‘Staying Power for kite racing seemed lacking towards the end. To get to a good competition level  need to be fully focussed, well prepared & Believe that you can win.


Team Bridge took the 20hour drive back to Exmouth & experienced the most manic 3 days back in the UK before hitting the North shore of Fuerta for the NKB Photo shoot.  Ryan air flight with £600 of excess luggage including vegas 2011, rebel 2011, new boards, clothing, bars & a couple of fishing rods. Have also decided to stay out & do the World Cup event in Sotavento so back in Exmouth 8th August. Eric is holding it altogether back at Edge base camp & probably enjoying the peace.

Funny things: Oliver saying- had a bad start today but decided to follow the pack so to get the best angle. I like to follow Bruno- he seems to go the right way.

Tom saying- Mummy- i just want to be powered on my 4mtr and I want to be powered on my 4mtr kite with my bindings!!!