Local LIVE conditions
Steph 2nd In Kite Worlds- Texas

ikaday3_womentop3.jpg       Welcome to the united States- Greatest country in the world. To quote- ‘Your an awesome person, ‘your the man’, your the best’— its all so over the top all the time. There are not many times when I just want to be back to the boring grumpy Britishness. Maybe it was a combination of a poor event, the money expense getting to the USA, the guilt of leaving Eric driving back through europe & the sheer heat each day.

This is the 1st time I have lost an event for a while. Gutted since this was the world Championships & now I lost the tittle. Plenty of excuses for not winning, it was the second day which was a big blow with 3 different incidents resulting in re-dress which cost me the regatta in the end. The disappointment for me was not racing on the last 2 days. The wind was off shore & there was not enough safety boats. This was gutting since it was a long way to come for just 2 days of racing & the fact was that this was the world championships & the organisation should be better than just 1 rescue boat.

 Racing is just getting way more full on with the top 15 blokes putting many hours on the water -testing & boat Handling. If you want to get involved with this growing area of our sport then come along on a friday evening for the Edge Race Series. Next stop on the world tour for me is late June in Germany which is the european championships.