Local LIVE conditions
Snowy Wednesday

We had all heard about the snow forecast but as we never get any snow in Exmouth we were amazed to see a thin covering on waking this morning.


All of a sudden the phone starts ringing “who’s on for snowkiting?  where are we going ?”  Soon the team assembles, the shop is closed due to “adverse weather” and we set off to Dunkeswell near Honiton that well know snow kite spot!   At Honiton we get the text “anyone for a Cafe au Lait” so in true alpine traditions stop in for Coffee in Honiton.  By the time we leave to climb the mountain! conditions have worsened No problem for us as we had the chains.


We arrive at an unsuspecting farmers field which looks perfect and off we go.



Jack ambitiously launches a 10m and gets dragged straight at a barb wire fence. He quickly reconsiders and  goes for a more modest 5m.   Ez and Eric go for 9’s and Andy and Steph use the 7.

Unbelievably the kiting is epic with a solid 20 knot wind and great snow conditions.  Ez Launches some big airs


Eric shows some power carves.


Steph shows her normal cool style!


Jack shows us some fancy tricks and Dreznowski impresses with his unflappable style.


Eventually Olly


and George get in on the act setting the snow kite grom standard for Devon!

All in all a great day out.


Looks like the snow is about for a bit so get out there and get stuck in.