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Severne Blade 4.7m 2008

Took a trip to Daymer Bay today and got a chance to try out the new Severne Blade 4.7 (sailed on a 2007 RRD Hardcore Wave Medium (81L). The construction of the Severnes is excellent – they don’t skimp on the stitching and the materials are top quality. This year the main panel is cross ply rather than monofilm, making the whole sail cross ply, so nice and strong. I rigged it on a Severne Red (100% carbon) RDM mast so you’d expect it to perform well and it did. I didn’t have to muck about getting it to set right – just whacked on what looked like the right amount of downhaul and outhaul and off I went. The sail feels light and maneouvrable but still has plenty of power; you get a really direct feel with plenty of feedback and the acceleration is awesome when you sheet in. As the downhaul is applied it twists progressively and has a good wind range. It’s powerful, but it doesn’t try to pull you off your feet – you stay in control. I continue to be impressed by Severne sails. I tell you what – they look great too.

severne blade 2008