Local LIVE conditions

We are holding a DEMO this Sat 20th September, based on the Duckpond opposite the shop from 9am. We have HW at 10.30 and a good easterly wind forcast which will be ideal. In the afternoon, we plan to move to the seafront where we shall aim for some wind- against tide action to continue the demo the new 2009 sails and boards. We have Gem Hall coming to showcase whats new & exciting from RRD & Ezzy. Other leading brands include North, Starboard, Tushingham, Severne, Fanatic, Mistral & Goya— so plenty to choose from! We’re particularly excited about demoing the North Ego, the replacement for the long standing Voodoo.We are also hoping to run a basic freestyle drop in clinic covering everything from a Heli-tack to a Spock. Even if its light wind come down demo a big board with your choice sail and brush up on all those rig flips that will help when its blowing, all with the newest kit!! With a social outing Saturday night it should be a storming weekend!!Hope to see you all there!2007 Demo Day