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RRD Poison

RRD Poison

Here’s the Hype

“If you think about combining innovative technology of construction available with a fully wet sanded and polished finish, a super thin bottom foil with a sick hi-definition photoprint, a stainless steel limited signature nose plate, a state of the art accessory package and a top level snowboard laminar woodcore technology then you have an idea of what this board is all about! Add CNC core shape with a definition of 0.5mm steps consisting on a deep single concave hull, torsion box designed tips, and you have the smoothest ride, most aggressive pop, fantastic chop response, phenomenal upwindability and a board that will make you ride like a pro!”

Heres the reality

Its a great board and almost everyone that has had a go on one loves it. Andy rates it as the best board he has ever ridden. It comes in loads of sizes from 129-134 with widths from 38 cm to 43cm , so there is a board to suit everyone. The board is super thin with a beautiful solid wood core giving a really responsive flex. Its not as soft as say a nobile 555 but if you want a bit higher performance and a bit more pop this could be the board for you.

Everyone loves the Italian styling, surely RRD is the Maserati of kiteboarding brands. The custom sanded finish is total quality. Footstraps, pads and fins are great and very similar to nobile boards and perfect for both bare feet and boots.

We have a red poison 132 x 41 in store for demo just give us a call to give it a go. Or why not buy it now. Click here