Local LIVE conditions

We travelled to Canos De Mecca for the Red Bull battle of Traffalgar race & freestyle event. I understood it that Tom was going to be 1 of the choosen 6  representing GB for freestyle & I was just doing the downwind race. Turns out I was also having to compete today for freestyle heats! yesterday was cool – we had a huge startline across the wind on port tack then upwind a bit & downwind back to the beach. Alot of people had no clue & the rules were none existent. I arrived back at the beach 1st & was really wanting to display the UK flag but I had to wait for 9 other riders to return for us to do this!! So – we ended up loosing this battle- maybe something to do with Aaron, Sam Light, James Boulding & Tom Court all wearing boots!! Little Tom did real great – his first race amongst 100 other kiters & downwind on a twintip! We managed to kidnap some local spannish guys to also fly the UK flag to make up the 10 riders. Following the race there was an expression session which Aaron won & took home 500 euro’s. Now the wind is strong Levante & can feel a hectic day- wish I had done some twin tip practice.