Local LIVE conditions



5 days prior to leaving I get a phonecall from North Production manager, Dirk Hanel to say he needs some help to get a board made since his other board shaper has not had time to do his. So a quick phone call to my older brother, Guy & he is keen to get on it! For someone that is not keen on a rush job I was pretty impressed he took it on. Eric collected the carbon, the fin boxes were bought up from cornwall & Guy manages to pull this fantastic 100% Carbon board out of the bag! So, I travel with motor home, 3 very excited bridglets, plenty of fins & lines, paddleboard, bikes & the new carbon board (still curing!)


We took the easy option & caught a ferry to Esjberg in Denmark with Darren Pompey who was entering his 2nd world event this season. I got on the ferry & slept for 15hours while the boys run riot on the boat! An easy trip from the ferry terminal to St. peter Ording & we get straight out on the water.





After much debate our eldest, Oliver Bridge made the brave decision to enter all 3 disciplines of this PKRA stop. The youngest ever competitor at age 11 got on the water early on day 1 to get some practice before the mens freestyle trials. The word ‘Trial’ is not a nice word to use and is off-putting for any competitor. Oli was up against ‘Board off  Toby who runs ‘Kiteforum’ and likes to eat a lot of ketchup!! There was 3 in oli’s first heat & nerves definite got the better of him since all is normal tricks he struggled to land. Just when the red flag went up oli landed his blind judge- at least Kevin Langeree saw this!

Oli had another heat that day & made the crucial error of not staying in front of the judges & consequently got knocked out. Oli Did well to do this and has gained more confidence already with the fellow competitors, he is now not just one of ‘the bridglets’!


With an increasing wind there was rumour around that the tide was going to come very high. By 2pm the day was cancelled so that people could move all their equipment high in the tent & cars could be moved before they get washed away. Remember that this event take a massive effort to build on the beach: a whole village is erected so suddenly this was all going to get flooded. The most crazy thing was happening and suddenly it was freestyle heaven with this super flat water all around the kite village & the van area. Crazy massive jumps in 35knots of wind, people getting their speed boards out and mad Germans standing on top of their cars as the tide rose. I managed to get the camper high & dry then get all the bridglets off  the water then pump my 7mtr rebel 2010 & rip up the flats followed by a decent strapless session in near UK conditions- onshore & messy.

It was like all of Germany had heard about this session about to happen, people rocking up parking on the banks & hitting the flat water. No- body cared about some of the cars which floated around and others just drank beer on top & watched. It was really insane.

Exhaused we hit the sheep parking zone in time for Dirk to arrive, tell stories of vegas 2010 and keep them awake!




Disappointing day with no racing due to a massive tide & not enough wind.  More hot pool action, kids must have eaten 7 ice- creams and in the evening we all went out for the North Dinner. A decent nights sleep back at the sheep but still have 2 annoying flies in the camper!




1st couple of races today in light 13knots.  I was on my 16mtr kite with the big carbon board and it was going well. I was happy to be 2nd  round the windward mark, very close behind Bruno in race 1 but lost ground downwind. This race I was 4th & the same in race 2. Race 3 got abandoned since wind completely dropped. In the girls it was Kristin Bose in 2nd place then Fabienne in 3rd. Embarressing since I think that there is only 3 girls!!!!

Oliver was doing really well, gained a 12th place & 15th. He enjoyed it a lot and says tomorrow he takes a seat harness. I hope he has the spirit to keep going since it is easy to give up when the legs are tired. A superb experience for him, somehow he has a caddy band and a riders band!!! These allow you to get into the riders area which is pretty cool. Food, fizzy drinks, cold beers, ice-creams, wi-fi, a hot tub, table games all day long. Oh & plus the chance to hang out with all the names of kitesurfing.  A BKSA event is never going to feel quite the same for these bridglets.

Darren Pompey had bad luck, got taken out by a flysurfer on race 1 then did better on race 2, but rumour has it doing well on the chicks at night so this is really what matters!

Evening a small bbq in the rain with a cosy long reading session in the camper while the rain fell. We love  St. Peter — & its only day 3!!!!


DAY 4- DAY 10


A brief summary as I make a quick dash to the world championships in San Francisco.


Oliver continued to improve his results and ended up 13th closely followed by Darren Pompey in 16th position. I won all but 3 of the races and in the mens fleet would have been 4th overall. Bruno won in the mens with Dirk in 3rd place. The smaller bridglets ate more ice-cream, coke and cake than any pkra rider and have become all wrinkley from their time in the hot pool! They all have been given respect for the amount of time they are playing with their kites & practicing– totally on it on the water.

I have spent all my money from winning on a hot pool which is due to be delivered next week!!! This is an environmently friendly pool that gets stoked with wood and heats the water with a big fire underneath it! Bridglets & Eric very excited about this.

St. peter went off in these last days on the party scene. Every van pumping its own music, the beach was littered with people & beer & full on party action, it was a proper Woodstock festival feel.

Eric had taken me to Lubeck airport where I get a late night flight to Stanstead and a trip to Heathrow for the San Fran flight on Monday am.