Local LIVE conditions
PKRA Fuerta

“Sand blasted, I write form the wifi that is about to shut down on the beach.- hence the brief update! What a spot Sotavento is- and what a chance for the 3 Bridge boys and Jack to whitness some serious freestyle action in really difficult conditions.After a crazy triathalon to get here- a flight out of Manchester then arriving in Lanzarote , pick up a hire car then rush to board the last ferry to Fuertaventura to make registration before it shuts! All this with 80 kilo’s of excess luggage and 3 boys saying, ‘mum surely we should be there by now!’ Day 1- racing was a crazy 2 races around a course that5 had no upwind- we fetched everywhere- my dad would say it was a procession! It was close with Fabienne and me and then she beat me in both races- just sailing faster on these courses with her quad fin board set up. Day 2 we had also 2 races with more upwind and I won both of these. the final race I had a big lead which was strange since the races are super short. I was using 9mtr rhino 08 today and it is looking like in the next few days will be using 7mtr rebel 09.Its exhausting as always and I always think that by the end of the event I am strating to feel fitter for the racing. it seems that no other training beats actually racing.Bridge team action +jack. Ollie is lovin kitesurfing with all the movistar kids and is not far off them in ability.Guy has been ripping on the lagoon on tom’s 3.5mtr convert that him and Tom have been sharing. Tom’s best moments have been with the 1.8 proto north lizard on his skim board! Jack has had his fair share of action on and off the water, the funniest quote yesterday was Gisela asking me how old Jack was and whether he had a girlfriend. Jack’s party tricks with his Gymnastics is winning it for him with Gisela although he is actually looking at all the freestyle chicks!


For 12 hours they are out on it on the beach here in sotavento- conditions are gusty, off shore so they are on a steep learning curve that can only do them goodI decided not to do the freestyle but have been regreting this decision!Its 3 races/ day for the next 3 days and its all about pacing yourself! freestyle gets exciting tomorrow with the doubles- Aaron is going to pull this event out the bag for sure. Even if his kites are looking like jellyfish in the sky, he is still at a different level for sure!