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PKRA Fuerta Steph’s Diary – Final entry

As I sit on the plane looking down over the Canary Islands and reflect on the weeks event, I feel happy and extremely fortunate to be involved in the Course racing. I had given myself alot of work to do on the last day and when the racing was cancelled, I was gutted and felt really anoyed with the organisers. However this is life, sometimes you get unlucky. The lesson is simple, try to secure 1st place before the final day of the regatta! This regatta was more challenging with more downwind courses and shorter races, any mistakes at the buoys and the race was over!

Despite coming 2nd at this event, I have solid positions(3 x 1st place) at Mexico, france & Portugal to secure the overall world title.On the freestyle front Aaron had an amazing final day and went on to win the grand slam. Gisela is still way ahead on the ladies heats with powered passes and super smooth landings.Local rider, jack Shoulder has been getting his mobes, KGB and slims sorted now that he is getting along very well with Gisela! I feel he may be making his way out to Tarifa very soon!The Bridge boys have been on it at any opportunity, now coping with 30-35knots! It is clear that the freestyle is ruled by the under 20’s! i would like to thank Paignton Phil for helping launch/land and asssist with getting all the boys in the air daily while there was water in the lagoon. Also for Jack for his patience with especially Oliver and coping with Tom kicking & talkin in his sleep! The funniest comment was when we were getting ready with the beds on the last night and I said to Jack- “you blow the lilo up and he replyed “I won’t be needing that tonite!” Jack has been left on the island of Fuertaventura with Gisela and Johara, what it is to be 16!

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